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Apollo Group TV has been a high quality IPTV subscription provider for 4 years, our IPTV servers contain more than 18000 channels in all types of quality, Ultra full HD IPTV, Full HD IPTV, HD IPTV, SD IPTV. as well as VODs (latest up-to-date movies and series), we give importance and priority to the performance of our servers so as not to have cuts and to ensure very high fluidity of channel reception.

With Apollo Group TV discover the best offers and services, Get A Free IPTV Test, Check The Quality Of The Channels Before You Subscribe To Our Subscription.

The Apollo Group TV team guarantees you 24/7 commercial and technical support. Assistance and support during the activation of IPTV. We are also there for your requests and complaints and benefit from advice, answers and solutions when you need them. For any general questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our



Server: Up to 100,000 online visitors, we have in our IPTV server the best of the best sports and cinema channels from all over the world. Action, thriller, comedies, dramas, sci-fi and many more movies are here!

Customer service: Technical and commercial support is at your disposal 24/7 by Email, phone, whatsapp … We will make sure that your chosen Subscription works well on our servers.

Update: Our new IPTV solution is powerful, affordable, and easier than ever. The list of channels and VOD keeps growing, each time you will find the new channels directly on your smart tv or IPTV device.

Fast zapping time 0.5s: Fast zapping is an option that can cache the memory of the previous channel and the next channel of the one being watched, which will ensure you access in a fraction of a second. We have an amazing Channel Zapping Time, around 0.5 seconds!

Our Commitment to Our Customers:

Fast connection: All you need is a WI-FI, 3G or 4G connection to connect to -IPTV and enjoy the specials. IPTV subscription.

Best Value for Money: Compared to our quality, the price is so cheap. 70% of our customers have lost money in other IPTV servers that are crashing all the time. So do like them, join the LEADER of IPTV.

HIGH QUALITY: Only HD shows for customer satisfaction! you can watch your favorite programs.

Compatible with all devices: Our IPTV service and also compatible with Android TV devices, All MAG (250,254,256,322,353 .. etc) PC (VLC, KODI), iphone, Apple TV, Ipad, m3u link.


Simply fill out the form on the contact page, and tell us the number of codes you want for your panel.

you get a flexible control panel allowing you to create and modify your lines easily and instantly, the codes are valid until you activate them.

Once your payment is confirmed, we will send you a username and password for your IPTV reseller panel, so you can create and edit your lines easily and instantly.

You can extend any line just make a new payment so you can have additional credits to renew it again.


Free 24H IPTV Test – Free IPTV Test – Apollo IPTV:

24 Hours Free IPTV Test, Free IPTV Test lasts 24 hours from the time it is sent to you. It may take up to 12 hours for the free test to be sent.

Customer Support: We employ a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents who are available 24/7

Stable Servers: We have proactive monitoring within seconds with responsive solutions in place to ensure stability.

Compatibility: Works on any device, Smart TV, Android Box, MAG Box, PC, Kodi, VLC, Smartphones, iOS, Apple TV, M3U, Enigma2.

+22,000 Channels: IPTV subscription Over 23,000 live international channels, France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain …. Adult channels


24 Hours Free IPTV Trial:

Not all countries are included in the test. free. We don’t provide everyone with a free test, we have our own criteria.
Request Your Free 24-Hour IPTV Test

Free IPTV Test – Info and Conditions:

The free IPTV test lasts 24 hours from the time it is sent to you, and it may take up to 12 hours to be sent to you.

We do not provide everyone with a free test. We have our own criteria, the main reasons for not receiving a free test or not working anymore are:

  • you have already had an IPTV test.
  • you are using a temporary email or an email source that we do not know about.
  • the information in the test form is not correct
  • other reasons we can’t mention

Not all countries are included in the test. If you buy a subscription, you can choose which country you want to include in it. The Free iptv Test allows unlimited access to all of our premium channels, TV shows and movies.

Our free IPTV trial is only 24 hours, the purpose of the trial is to test our IPTV Subscriptions, to get a preview of what you will get. Please note that we do not offer testing on important game days to avoid scammers.

Thank you for trusting the Generation IPTV service. Our IPTV free trial is perfect for you if you are the kind of person who is new to the concept of IPTV streaming, or want to test our IPTV subscription before deciding to make a purchase.

We understand that a lot of people want a free IPTV test to confirm that the services they are going to get are good or not.

Your trial code will be active for 24 hours. During this period, you can enjoy and try the full potential of the free IPTV subscription you have chosen.





What exactly is IPTV?
  • This is one of the most frequently asked questions, IPTV, also known as Internet Protocol TV, where the Internet is used as a medium to send TV channels to your home TV.
  • In other words, you use your Internet connection to watch TV channels, movies, and TV shows without an antenna or satellite dish.
What is different with IPTV?
  • Well, when you get a satellite dish TV connection it is important to install the satellite dish connection and the decoder.
  • However, you don’t need to go through all the hassle of IPTV. You will be able to use the existing broadband connection to get multimedia content.
  • It’s a cheaper and hassle-free alternative to traditional satellite TV.
Requirements for IPTV?
  • In fact, in order to use IPTV, you must have a broadband broadband connection.
  • The speed of the broadband connection should be at least 4 Mbps.
How to determine speed and quality?
  • It is important to make sure that you have the proper speed required for media streaming throughout the day.
  • You can use www.speedtest.net to check the speed of your broadband connection. Then you can make a decision on how to proceed.
Is it possible to use IPTV in an apartment?
  • Of course, you will be able to use IPTV in an apartment.
  • All you need is a high speed internet connection in the apartment.
  • This is a good alternative to consider, especially when a dish cannot be installed in your property.
Can I buy IPTV as an alternative to satellite service?
  • Yes, you can buy IPTV as an alternative to satellite service.
  • You don’t need to buy a dish and you can get the connection with your existing broadband connection.
Why can’t I access my account?
  • After purchasing your IPTV subscription, we will send your m3u list or portal to your email within 24 hours.
  • Then you need to follow our instructions to get your IPTV service up and running.
  • You need to make sure your device is connected to the internet and supports IPTV.
Can people outside the United States, France and Canada access IPTV?
  • Of course, you can get IPTV subscription anywhere in the world.
Can I use the subscription on multiple devices?
  • Well, you can use your IPTV subscription on multiple devices but not simultaneously.
What are the payment options?
  • Paypal for customers who have an account.
  • Wester union.
  • When will I activate my subscription?
  • Your subscription will be activated from the moment you receive your login details.
  • You may or may not be able to obtain the identifying information immediately.
  • If you don’t receive immediately, you don’t have to worry because the email will reach you later.
How can I check the IPTV device?
  • First, you need to make sure the activation details are correct.
  • Then you need to make sure that the internet connection is working.
  • Make sure that other devices connected to the network, such as your laptop, are not overloading the network and consuming bandwidth.
  • Make sure you have a download speed of at least 4 Mbps and a download speed of 1 Mbps.
  • Restart the device, wait 30 seconds and turn it on.
  • Please make sure you have connected the device to the router via Ethernet cable, instead of Wi-Fi.
  • If there is a connection problem, you need to verify the credentials on another device.
  • Check that the device has the latest firmware updates and that the application has the latest software updates.
  • Check the download speed on your computer.
  • Check if any bandwidth consuming applications are running. If so, you must leave them.
  • Connect with your ISP and see if there is a problem in your area.
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall the application.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for “internet protocol television”. The IPTV IP is the same as your IP address or VoIP (voice over IP). This means that the television programs are communicated through the internet protocol.

If you use a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, it’s the same, but with TV instead of movies or syndicated shows.

IPTV can actually be used to watch regular TV, remote windows, commercials, special services, VoD and much more. To watch normal TV, it is possible to subscribe to the iptv channel list. The channel list can be used to select favorite channels.

From a technological point of view, IPTV involves a fairly broad concept that has a multitude of applications. Applications can vary widely in their operation. While some can use an open system, others can rely on closed systems.

How it works ?

To understand what this means, you need to know a little bit about how non-IPTV works. With cable or satellite TV, broadcasters send signals and viewers receive them – you can only watch what is being broadcast. Unless you have some sort of recording device, you don’t have to dictate what and when. Just plug in when you can and see what’s available.

IPTV is different. Instead of transmitting content in pulses of light over a fiber-optic cable or radio waves from a satellite, IPTV sends shows and movies through your standard Internet connection. (You may be using a cable or satellite internet connection, but these are independent of the ones that usually carry your television signals).

Instead of showing a series of shows on a set schedule, most IPTVs use video on demand (VOD) or time-lapse media – we’ll talk about that, along with a third format, in a moment. .

All of this is based on a complex network architecture, which includes many operations for transcoding traditional signals to IP signals. But the important thing is that you don’t have to watch what’s on the air.


What are the best iptv apps?

▪ TiviMate IPTV Player

It is an application which is a perfect choice for Android set-top boxes. With TiviMate, you will have a great user interface which will also allow you to manage your playlists and channels in a very intuitive way. There is a built-in TV guide grid which is regularly updated so that you can always see what is playing now and what will be coming soon, no matter which IPTV or OTT provider you are using.

▪ Duplex IPTV

It is one of the most popular IPTV apps which is available for both Smart TVs, Android devices, and iOS and Amazon Firestick devices. Duplex IPTV has its own interface. But this simplistic design means fewer distractions and a user interface that’s easy to read and navigate on TVs.


The advantages of IPTV:

▪ Main advantages

The most important: its price, quite attractive unlike the official offers of the various service providers.

The concept of IPTV is still new to many users. It is therefore important to highlight its different characteristics in order to promote better understanding among users.

The biggest advantage that users get by choosing Quebec-HD is access to a wide variety of channels. While paying a competitive rate.

Another additional benefit of Quebec-HD is the offer of additional services and features. These include functions such as the digital video recorder.

By choosing IPTV Quebec, users can easily record their favorite TV shows using their Android boxes and watch them later at their convenience. Users can also enjoy high quality HD videos by choosing IPTV. The time spent buffering videos is greatly reduced by opting for the installation of IPTV.

▪ Other advantages

Users can select the content they want to watch, when they want.

Besides ordinary TVs, IPTV can be watched on various devices like smart TVs, Android boxes, smartphones and tablets.

Consumers have access not only to TV programs, but also to movies, TV shows, podcasts and even radio programs.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and select the content you want to watch.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can be entertained, no matter where you are.

Users pay only for the channels they choose to have or have the option of paying a monthly subscription.

The content is always ready and available for you to request and watch at your convenience.

There is no need for cables or antennas since IPTV uses an available or existing computer network.

By choosing a TV show or movie to watch, the user can receive recommendations for content similar to that of their choice.